Embroidered khaddar – Royal Dust


Brand: Cross Stitch
Collection: Khaddar And Linen Collection 2023
Fabric: Khaddar
Dupatta Fabric: Embroidered shawl

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Cross Stitch introduces their Khaddar and Linen Collection 2023: Royal Dust for women who exude chic sophistication with fashion-forwardness. This eye-catching shalwar kameez ensemble combines traditional elegance with a modern flare – ideal for the modern fashionista!


Prepare to be mesmerized! The Royal Dust kameez is made of luxurious khaddar fabric and beautifully embroidered with intricate floral and geometric designs that cover its front and sleeves. This combination creates an eye-catching texture that is both trendy and culturally significant; dyed in vibrant green for an upbeat and lively appearance, perfect for any special event or just casual wear!

The back of the Kameez features paste printing that compliments its front embroidery, adding depth and visual interest. The subtle contrast between the front and back keeps the outfit visually dynamic and provides an emotional element.


As a classic symbol of luxury and elegance, the Royal Dust ensemble features an exquisite embroidered shawl, adding softness to its overall appearance. Our outstanding craftsmanship showcases top-of-the-line designs while the beautiful blue color exudes tranquility – making an outfit stand out more dramatically than ever.


 Be prepared to be mesmerized! The Royal Dust ensemble features embellishments such as an embroidered patch, tiny pearls, and tassels for an unforgettable look. While its unique embroidered patch adds color and texture contrasts, its delicate embellishments add feminine charm. These subtle yet impactful embellishments make this ensemble remarkable and unforgettable.


A dyed khaddar fabric trouser pairs beautifully with the green Kameez for an effortless and stylish look. Khaddar fabric is known for its warmth, durability, and softness-making it perfect for cooler months. Plus, with its fitted trouser design, you can adjust this outfit to any event or occasion!


 Royal Dust’s Khaddar fabric is a highly comfortable and breathable blend of cotton and wool fibers that offers breathability, durability, and rustic, earthy appeal. Perfectly embodying traditional wear traditions while adding authenticity and cultural significance to our outfit, you will love how well this represents our brand ethos and mission!

Cross Stitch has masterfully blended traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design elements in its Royal Dust ensemble from Cross Stitch. Boasting intricate embroidery, bold colors, and exquisite embellishments – including delicate embellishments – its Royal Dust ensemble from Cross Stitch will stand out among any crowd.

Part of their Khaddar and Linen Collection 2023, it makes a must-have piece for women wanting to honor both cultural roots while showing their fashion-forward side. Add this magnificent ensemble to your wardrobe today to embrace Pakistani fashion’s artistry!