Embroidered khaddar – Tan Hues


Brand: Cross Stitch
Collection: Khaddar And Linen Collection 2023
Fabric: Khaddar
Dupatta Fabric: Embroidered shawl

Deilvery Time: 4-8 Working Days

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Experience our latest creation – Tan Hues Shalwar Kameez from Cross Stitch! Get ready to be amazed at its striking design and luxurious fabrics!

Design Details:

Our Tan Hues Shalwar Kameez beautifully blends traditional and modern elements most exquisitely. Showcasing intricate dyed embroidery, shuttle lace, cutwork detailing, and paste-printed back detailing this outfit exudes elegance and sophistication – it truly makes a statement.


Expect to be dazzled by our Tan Hues Shalwar Kameez with its exquisite embellishments! From its bold embroidery patch and eye-catching shuttle lace details, each detail is meticulously planned to make an impressionful statement. This outfit stands out from traditional designs by boasting its bold embroidery details and eye-catching shuttle lace.

Dupatta Detail:

The accompanying dupatta is truly breathtaking; featuring ornate embroidery that compliments the kameez for an added sense of grandeur and warmth in its warm rust hue – making this piece suitable for any special event or formal gathering.

Trouser Detail: 

For maximum comfort and style, look no further than our dyed khaddar trousers. Lightweight yet breathable, its all-day comfort makes it the ideal companion while the beautiful rust hue completes an elegant ensemble.

Fabric Details:

 Our Tan Hues Shalwar Kameez is handcrafted from high-quality khaddar fabric to guarantee its durability and comfort. Lightweight yet soft and breathable, it makes a versatile statement at casual or formal events alike – ideal for keeping warm this winter season while looking fashionable too.

Overall Impression: 

Our Tan Hues Shalwar Kameez from our Khaddar and Linen Collection will make a stunning fashion statement! Its intricate details and special attention will undoubtedly turn heads, while its warm rust hue adds an air of luxury, and high-quality khaddar fabric ensures this piece will stand the test of time. Don’t miss out on this must-have addition from Cross Stitch; add it now to make an eye-catching fashion statement!